We Are Experienced Engineers and Project Managers

At Morris Engineering and Consulting, we have a team of experienced engineers and project managers who have helped bring dreams into reality throughout the Sunshine State. From large-scale, multi-use master planned communities for people to live, work and play to smaller commercial use spaces that enhance the quality of life in a neighborhood, we have engineered and managed projects that make a difference.

Master Planned Communities

We have been at the forefront of many master planned communities throughout the state of Florida, whether it be engineering, project management, permitting, construction project management and more.

  • Heron Creek (North Port, Florida) – On-Going Development and DRI Consulting
    • 1,200 Acre Development Consisting of 2,300 Residential Units and 700,000 Square Feet of Commercial Space
  • Twisted Oaks (Wildwood, Florida)
    • 400-acre mixed use community consisting of 734 single family Residential Units, 244 Townhome Residential Units, 300 Multi-Family Apartments and 162,000 SF of Commercial Uses, currently under construction with Phase I complete.
  • Trevesta (Palmetto, Manatee County, Florida)
    • 450-acre mixed use community consisting of 819 single family Residential Units, 100 Townhome Residential Units, 300 Multi-Family Apartment Units and 100,000 SF of Commercial Uses, fully constructed and complete.
  • West Port (Charlotte County, Florida)
    • 630-acre mixed use community consisting of 2,700 residential dwelling units and up to 250,000 SF of Commercial Uses. – Phase I fully constructed and Phase II expected to begin construction in Summer 2024.
  • Beaumont (Wildwood, Florida)
    • 150-acre mixed use community consisting of 1,300 Residential Units and up to 550,000 SF of Commercial Uses, fully constructed and complete.

Residential Developments

We are experts at creating lifestyles where people can live, work and play throughout the Sunshine State. Our team is experienced at land development, including stormwater and roadway solutions, rezoning, project management, permitting, construction management, and so much more.

  • Willow Walk (Manatee County, Florida)
    • 272-acre residential community consisting of 718 Single Family Residential Units, fully constructed and complete.
  • Summerwoods (Manatee County, Florida)
    • 400-acre residential community consisting of 982 Single Family Residential Units, Phases 1-3 are complete and Phase 4 is nearing completion in Spring 2024.
  • Summerhouse Apartments (Manatee County, Florida)
    • 256-unit apartment development located on State Road 64 in Manatee County, fully complete and leased.
  • Villas at Wildwood (Wildwood, Florida)
    • 20-acre rental cottage community consisting of 192 rental cottages with construction completion expected in Spring 2024.
  • The Hadley (North Port, Florida)
    • 30-acre rental cottage community consisting of 268 rental cottages. Construction commenced in Winter 2023 and will be complete Winter 2024.
  • Heron Creek Place Apartments (North Port, Florida)
    • 15-acre apartment development consisting of 312 rental apartments. Construction commenced in Summer of 2023 and is expected to be complete in Spring of 2024.
  • The Queue (Sarasota, Florida)
    • Conceptual Planning, Engineering Design and Permitting through complex land use approvals in the City of Sarasota for a 2 acre residential townhouse development consisting of 49 units. This project is complete.

Commercial Developments

We have worked with large and small companies throughout Florida that make a difference in the communities they build. Whether you are with a name brand company or a mom-and-pop business, we have the expertise on staff to build your facility so you can serve your customers.

  • West Villages Marketplace (North Port, Florida)
    • 80,000 SF Publix Anchored shopping center in the West Villages development in North Port
  • Dunkin Donuts
    • Over 12 locations throughout Florida
  • Car Washes (Tommy’s Car Wash, Woody’s Washes, Big Dan’s Car Wash, Sun-N-Sudz)
    • Over 20 locations throughout Florida
  • 7-11 Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
    • 4 locations
  • Express Oil
    • 4 locations
  • Hotel Projects for various flags throughout Florida, including Home 2 Suites, Embassy Suites, and the Kompose Hotel
  • Bayside Community Church
    • Provided Engineering design, permitting and construction support for the expansion of the existing East Bradenton and Bee Ridge Road campuses and full implementation of the new North River Campus in Manatee County
  • Seaside Springs ALF (Sarasota County)
    • 130-room Assisted Living Facility
  • Watercrest ALF (Sarasota County)
    • 220-bed Assisted Living Facility

Asset Management

Our work goes beyond just land development and construction services. We understand the ins-and-outs of maintaining a master planned community or a large-scale commercial center and can assist with asset management in a variety of ways.

  • Heritage Harbour South CDD (Manatee County, Florida) – Inspection of District Owned Infrastructure and establishment of Operations and Maintenance Guidelines
  • Foreclosure Consulting for CNL Bank (Various Locations) – Providing on-going consulting to CNL Bank for developments progressing through the foreclosure process
  • Construction management and oversight
  • Certification of completed improvements

You Matter

We value all of our business relationships and partnerships and endeavor to serve each and every client in such a way that you understand that you are our number one priority. We look forward to discussing your development needs.

“Morris Engineering has provided us not only a variety of excellent technical skills, but also offers communication skills and a level of detail to their clients that prove to be invaluable for performing any task at hand. Morris Engineering has been one of our greatest assets during their tenure with us.”

Ronald York, Development Manager, National Land Group.

“Morris Engineering’s services have been professional, exemplary, on-time and within budget. We can highly recommend Morris Engineering.”

Jim Ward, District Manager, Heritage Harbour South CDD.

“It has been a pleasure working with Morris Engineering and Consulting for the past 3 years. It is rare to find a company or group in today’s “Florida Madness” construction world that is accessible at a moment’s notice and works so well in conjunction with all other entities on a project. A company that does what they “SAY” they are going to do without delay. A company that does not nitpick and bill you for every question or phone call and, on top of that, gives advice on projects that you are not even in contract with them on. Thank you for your partnership.”

Jeremy Persinger, Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers.